Bluey Advent Calendar 2023 In Stock Now

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The Bluey Advent Calendar was a smash hit last Christmas, and sold out FAST. Good news, the 2023 Bluey Advent Calendar is now available to buy! We’ve been watching this calendar go in and out of stock almost several times a day, so if you happen to see it’s available, grab it right away, because it will definitely sell out again – maybe before you even refresh the page!

Bluey Advent Calendar 2023 Available Now!
2023 Bluey Advent Calendar For Sale

What’s in the Bluey Advent Calendar for 2023?

  • Join Bluey’s family, the Heelers, for their traditional Aussie Christmas. The Bluey Advent Calendar has 24 different surprises behind 24 windows.
  • In this calendar you’ll find Bluey, Bingo and Bartlebee toy figures. Bluey and Bingo are adorably each wearing their own favorite Christmas jumpers!
  • The Bluey Advent Calendar contains 16 accessories and 5 stickers!
  • Inside, find a miniature Christmas tree! Put it together and put all of the Christmas gifts underneath it.
  • The Bluey Advent Calendar is an exciting and fun way to build up the excitement leading up to Christmas, with new doors to open up until Christmas Day.

Where to Buy Bluey Advent Calendar 2023

Right now the Bluey Advent Calendar is going in and out of stock on Amazon. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to snag one if you’re watching the listing regularly throughout the day. A safer bet if you must have the Bluey Advent Calendar for 2023 is to pick it up on eBay. Often this is the best choice for items that are sold out or those that sell out very quickly!


Bluey Advent Calendar – Amazon

Bluey Advent Calendar – eBay


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Don’t worry, we have you covered!

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