Super Mario Bros. Movie Bowser Fire Breathing Figure

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When exploring the latest additions to the Super Mario franchise, we discovered the Feature Bowser Action Figure, a toy that brings a slice of the animated film’s excitement into the real world. Notably, the figure harnesses an innovative ‘fire breathing’ feature, allowing fans to replicate one of Bowser’s signature moves.

By adding water to a special reservoir and pressing a button, kids can watch the toy emit a mist resembling fire, accompanied by light effects. With 15 points of articulation, this Bowser figure is not only an interactive plaything but also a potentially captivating display piece for collectors.

Super Mario Bros. Movie Bowser Figure: Top Collectible?

We’ve taken into account the collected feedback and observed that the figure scores high on detail and articulation. However, some have expressed difficulties in activating the ‘fire breathing’ effect, along with challenges reading the tiny instructions. Still, the overall reception leans heavily toward the positive, with the toy’s size and features receiving praise, especially the joy it brings to its primary audience—children.

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For aficionados of Super Mario or action figures in general, our consensus aligns with the widespread approval of the Feature Bowser Action Figure.

Its unique fire breathing effect, meticulous detail, and articulation enhance its playability and display value. Consider adding this impressive piece to your collection or as a gift to delight a young enthusiast.

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Super Mario Bros. Movie 7-Inch Feature Bowser Fire Breathing Action Figure

Capturing the essence of the iconic villain from the latest animated adventure, the 7-inch Bowser action figure impresses with its intricate details and engaging “fire breathing” simulation. We find the figure’s posability a standout feature, thanks to its 15 points of articulation which allow for dynamic posing and play.

However, while the imaginative play is elevated with the visual spectacle of illuminated steam, it’s worth noting the figure necessitates extra purchases. The requirement for three AAA batteries and the manual filling of Bowser’s reservoir using the included dropper might be a slight inconvenience. Plus, the complexity of activating the fire effect could be challenging for younger fans.

Collectors and kids may appreciate the thought that went into the packaging; presented in a premium window box that showcases Bowser in all his glory. But we should mention that some purchasers have expressed difficulties with the smoke feature and the legibility of the instructions, which could hinder the full enjoyment of all features.

Overall, the striking detail and unique functionality present a double-edged sword: while offering an engaging representation of Bowser that fans can appreciate, it also requires a meticulous setup that may not be as straightforward as expected.

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Fire Breathing Effect

We find that one of the standout features of this action figure lies in its ability to mimic Bowser’s iconic fire breathing. To engage this feature, users fill a reservoir on the figure’s back with water using an included dropper. When the side spike is pressed, a glow emanates from Bowser’s mouth, emulating fire breath with illuminated atomized vapor.

Interestingly, the creativity integrated into this play mechanism adds an immersive aspect to playtime or display. It’s not just a static model; this Bowser figure comes to life with a dose of reality. While this feature is unique, it’s important to note that it requires the extra step of adding water and the purchase of 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.

Despite the draw of the fire effect, some may find the additional preparation a slight inconvenience. Plus, not all the feedback is positive – issues with activating the feature and reading the tiny instructions have been mentioned by consumers. Our take leans toward appreciation for the innovation but with a note to buyers: patience might be needed to fully enjoy the fiery display Bowser offers.

Articulation and Poseability

When examining the Bowser action figure’s movement range, we find that this toy excels in reenacting scenes from The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The articulation points provide a decent amount of flexibility, allowing for a good range of motion that encourages creative play. However, it’s important to note that while the figure can adopt various intimidating poses synonymous with Bowser, some collectors might find the articulation limited compared to other figures in the market. The figure’s design prioritizes stability and durability over intricate poseability, which could be a drawback for those looking to achieve more dynamic poses.

Despite this, the joints hold positions well, ensuring that this Bowser won’t topple over easily when displayed or during play. The compromise between movement and stability seems intentional, making the figure suitable for younger fans as well under the recommended age range. The fire breathing effect adds play value, but does limit neck articulation, making the head less movable than desired for some fans. Overall, it offers a balance that favors playability and display presence, cementing its stance as a solid choice for children and collectors alike.

Design and Collectibility

When we examine items aimed at both play and display, it’s clear that this Bowser figure from “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” strikes an impressive balance. The design fidelity to the beloved antagonist is remarkable, making it a standout piece. With 15 points of articulation, the figure isn’t just a static model; it allows for a range of dynamic poses that can animate any shelf or desk setup.

The collectibility aspect is further boosted by the fire-breathing feature, which is as innovative as it is entertaining. This action, powered by simple water and batteries, adds an interactive dimension that’s not commonly found in figures at this price point. Moreover, the premium window box not only protects the figure but also serves as an attractive display option for collectors who prefer to keep their figures mint-in-box.

While batteries not being included is a minor inconvenience, this is often the case with collectibles designed to be used straight from the packaging. Overall, whether for a child aiming to recreate scenes from the movie or for an adult adding to a Mario collection, this Bowser figure presents appeal beyond just aesthetic, offering unique features that enhance its display value.

Pros and Cons

When evaluating the Super Mario Bros. Movie Bowser Action Figure, we notice several standout features that may appeal to fans and collectors alike. Of course, no product is without its drawbacks, so let’s take a closer look at what makes this item worth considering and what might give you pause.


  • Interactive Feature: The figure’s fire-breathing effect brings a dynamic element to playtime or display. The illuminated vapor adds an authentic touch to Bowser’s fearsome persona.
  • Articulation: With 15 points of articulation, this figure is highly poseable, making it versatile for play and perfect for collectors who like to create dynamic displays.
  • Collectibility: For those who fancy collecting, this figure is part of a larger set, encouraging a complete Super Mario Bros. Movie collection.
  • Kid-Friendly: Despite its sophisticated design, it’s intended for children aged three and up, suggesting it’s robust enough for play while also being a collector’s item.


  • Batteries Not Included: Requires 3x AAA batteries which are not provided, increasing the total investment to enjoy all features.
  • Complex Setup: Some reviews indicate difficulty in getting the smoke feature to work and mention tiny, hard-to-read instructions that could be a hurdle for a smooth play experience.
  • Packaging Issues: There are mentions of the item arriving with damaged packaging, which might be disappointing for collectors who value mint condition boxes.
  • Display vs Play: While it appears to be a sturdy toy, its detailed design might be more appreciated by collectors than young children who may not handle it as carefully during play.

Age Appropriateness

When considering the Bowser action figure for younger fans, we find its suitability well-aligned with the manufacturer’s age recommendation of 3 years and up. However, we recognize the importance of parental discretion, as the small water dropper and battery installation may require adult supervision to ensure safety and proper handling. The figure’s articulation points also offer diverse play opportunities for older children, fostering creativity and fine motor skills. While the fire breathing effect is a highlight, we note it is best appreciated by kids who can follow the necessary steps, adding water and activating the effect without assistance. Overall, the age range seems appropriate, with various play possibilities growing with the child.

Battery and Water Use

In assessing the beloved Bowser figure from “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” product line, we find that its battery usage is efficient. The action figure, equipped with fire breathing effects, does not drain batteries quickly, affording prolonged play sessions. Unfortunately, one downside to consider is the lack of rechargeability, which requires occasional replacement of batteries.

When it comes to water use, the good news is there isn’t any. This figure is not intended for play in water, which means you won’t have to worry about water damage affecting the electronic components responsible for Bowser’s fiery breath display. It’s important to keep this in mind to maintain the figure’s longevity and proper functioning. Overall, our analysis confirms that this figure is quite smart with its battery use, but always remember to keep Bowser dry to avoid any mishaps.

Customer Reviews

The feedback from purchasers offers a vivid picture of their experiences with the Bowser action figure, holding a rating nearing perfection from a considerable number of reviews. Buyers consistently praise the figure’s impressive size and exciting fire-breathing feature, which uses water and light to mimic flames, adding a dynamic play aspect. Parents and gift-givers alike mention the joy it brings to children, noting it as a hit with younger fans—especially those enamored with the Super Mario universe.

However, some customers have encountered challenges, particularly with the smoke mechanism. There are mentions of difficulties in getting it to work, alongside complaints regarding nearly illegible instructions. Despite these occasional hiccups, the overall satisfaction is apparent, as many cite the toy’s fine detail and quality craftsmanship.

It seems clear to us that even with the few setbacks mentioned, the toy stands out as a favorite for both collectors and young enthusiasts alike. A notable point is the consistent mention of the toy’s durability and articulated features, enhancing its play value. Buyers looking for a substantial and engaging gift seem to find this Bowser toy meeting their expectations, with many expressing their contentment with their purchase.

Buying Bowser Fire Breathing Figure

We found that this Bowser action figure brings excitement and joy to fans of the Super Mario Bros. movie, catering to its audience with impressive fire breathing effects that add a dynamic layer to playtime. The need for batteries and water for the full experience indicates an interactive toy that lights up, although users should be prepared to assist younger fans with these setup steps. It’s larger than some might anticipate, which can be a plus for those who favor more substantial figures.

On the flip side, some users may encounter challenges with the smoke function and the instructions’ legibility could be improved. However, the overall sentiment shows that kids are delighted with the vivid details and quality of the figure, and it holds up as a collectible item for enthusiasts. It’s clear from the feedback that this action figure has hit the right notes, but a few areas for improvement prevent it from being flawless. For those considering a gift for a young Mario fan or a collector, this Bowser toy is, by and large, a solid choice.

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