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It’s not hard to see why Cookeez Makery Cinnamon Treatz Oven slid right onto our hot toys list for Christmas 2023. An ongoing theme for popular toys are surprise toys (such as Magic Mixies) where a plush toy appears after a series of steps to uncover the hidden surprise.

Cookeez Makery Cinnamon Treatz Oven is a toy that allows children to bake surprise plush toys with a delicious scent. The process involves mixing ingredients to make dough, shaping it into a pet using a mold and tool, and putting it in the oven.

Cookeez Makery Cinnamon Treatz on Amazon

The Cookeez Makery Cinnamon Treatz toy comes with three different Cinnamon Treatz options to choose from – Cinnamon Pooch, Fondant Feline, and Strawberry Swirl. The plush toy is interactive with sound and reactions, and it even warms up when squeezed.

We’re seeing these slipping in and out of stock, so grab them “fresh out of the oven” while you can!

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Which scent will you pick?

Where to Find Cookeez Makery Cinnamon Treatz In Stock?

Currently you can find the Cookeez Makery Cinnamon Treatz for sale at major retailers, but that can change quickly! Grab your Cookeez Makery Cinnamon Treatz or Baked Treatz plush toy today before it sells out — and if it does sell out, be sure to grab a Cookeez Makery Treatz Toy on eBay to make sure you score one before Christmas!


Cookeez Makery Treatz – Amazon

Cookeez Makery Treatz – eBay


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Cookeez Makery For Sale



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