L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show Mega Runway

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Diving into the world of playful imagination and creative style, we’ve explored the L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show Mega Runway. This expansive set is a burst of color and creativity, a dream for kids who love to mix, match, and strut their stuff with unique doll collections. With a multitude of mixable pieces, the possibilities seem almost limitless, inviting children to engage in hours of imaginative play.

The kit boasts an impressive array of 12 exclusive dolls each with their own stylish accessories, enabling kids to create over 1500 distinct looks. It goes beyond simple doll play with a comprehensive setup that features play areas including a Makeup Station, Dressing Room, Backstage, and the all-important Runway—a full behind-the-scenes experience for the young fashion aficionados.

L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show Mega Runway Review: Top Toy for Kids?

For parents and gift-givers seeking a toy that delivers on value and versatility, the L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show Mega Runway stands out. The ensemble not only provides endless hours of play but also encourages social interaction and creative expression.

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L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show Mega Runway

We find that the Mega Runway from L.O.L. Surprise! stands out as an extensive playset designed to spark creativity in kids. With over 1500 mix-and-match options, children can enjoy fashion-forward playtime. The set includes a variety of dolls and pets, allowing for a robust social play experience. We appreciate the thoughtfulness of including four diverse play areas—Makeup Station, Dressing Room, Backstage, and Runway—providing a well-rounded behind-the-scenes simulation.

While the playset offers 80 surprises and a multitude of pieces and accessories, the abundance of components could be overwhelming and may pose a challenge for storage and organization. We notice that the usage of cardboard for play areas brings about concerns for durability over time. Moreover, we consider the playset’s retail value against its contents and find there’s significant value, especially when found on sale.

The Mega Runway fosters companionship with the concept that friendship is always in style, encouraging kids to engage their dolls in shared fashion adventures. However, we acknowledge that the price point could be perceived as high, but when evaluating the inclusive content and play potential, it’s justified. This playset is surely a substantial gift choice, poised to deliver vast enjoyment and creative play to its recipients.

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Unboxing Experience

When we first dive into the unboxing of the L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show Mega Runway, it’s clear the brand has delivered on providing a treasure trove of surprises aimed at sparking creativity. Encountering 80 surprises that pave the way to more than 1500 possible mix-and-match ensembles, the experience is nothing short of delightful for those who revel in discovery. The exclusive set features a variety of dolls, including two OMG fashion dolls with transformative outfits.

As we peel away the layers, we find the Fashion Show set neatly compartmentalized into four engaging play areas that invite immediate play: Makeup Station, Dressing Room, Backstage, and Runway. It’s immediately evident that each area has its purpose, designed with intent to enhance interactive play. The accessories and detailed outfits, stickers, and exclusive dolls collectively ensure the unboxing is as much a part of the play experience as the play itself.

Compelling for friends to share and explore together, the set promises a communal unboxing endeavor, revealing one fashionable surprise after another. The product clearly places an emphasis on group play, underscoring the social aspect of the unboxing occasion. It’s a well-curated journey through the aspirational world of fashion shows, catering to young minds eager to dive into styling and storytelling.

Fostering Creativity with a Variety of Mix & Match Looks

When it comes to expressing individual style through play, the ability to combine pieces for unique ensembles is crucial. We appreciate how this set encourages creativity among children by offering an extensive variety of mix-and-match options. The sheer number of fashion combinations they can come up with is truly impressive, nurturing not just a fashion sense but a deeper level of imaginative play.

On the flip side, with so many options, younger kids might feel overwhelmed. But it’s a fantastic way to introduce the concept of decision-making, even if that means sometimes the style choices are eclectic. Considering the broad range of accessories and outfits, youngsters can spend countless hours crafting the perfect look for their dolls.

We respect how this playset moves beyond mere doll dressing, creating a storytelling environment with pets and littler siblings, which can add depth to the play experience. It’s not just about dressing up; it’s about creating narratives, events, and character interactions that enrich the playtime.

The Fashion Show Mega Runway could be a gem for parents seeking toys that foster creativity without relying on digital screens. The tactile nature of play here is irreplaceable, allowing kids to craft and showcase their looks in a very real, hands-on way.

Comprehensive Playset with 4 Unique Play Areas

Encountering the L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show Mega Runway playset reveals a world where creativity meets fashion. A significant highlight is the ensemble of four distinct play zones, each providing a backdrop for storytelling and imaginative play. The Makeup Station area simulates a backstage haven for doll prepping, adorned with tiny, yet detailed brushes and palettes for a touchup before hitting the limelight. It’s a charming spot for our little friends to refine their looks.

Proceed to the Dressing Room, a space brimming with potential outfit pairings where fashion sense is put to the test. Mix-and-match adventures begin here with a variety of accessories and clothing options, essentially enabling kids to explore style expressions for the dolls. The Backstage area serves as the pre-runway hustle hub, setting the scene for last-minute ensemble tweaks and nerve-shaking excitement. It’s where the preparation all comes together.

Lastly, the Runway itself is a centerpiece designed for the dolls to strut their styles—a celebration of individuality and showmanship. The set adds an interactive dimension with doll stands that present the characters in their full glory. Here, the culmination of creative efforts is on display, sparking joy in arranging and presenting each unique fashion look, albeit without the complexity that can sometimes overwhelm young designers. Despite each area’s charm, we must acknowledge that at such a scale, space might be a concern, and the playset’s sheer variety can be daunting for some. Yet, for children fascinated by fashion and storytelling, this playset is a playground of possibilities.

The Allure of 12 Exclusive Dolls

We can confidently say that the set catches the eye with a diverse cast of 12 dolls. The variety of exclusive characters, including 2 OMG fashion dolls, adds depth to playtime, fostering a world where each doll’s unique style contributes to the fun. The mix-and-match potential is vast, with over 80 surprises that unlock the door to more than 1500 possible looks. We appreciate that imagination can run wild as kids explore different fashion scenarios with dolls that display a wide array of chic outfits and accessories.

However, while the abundance is impressive, it could also be overwhelming. Younger children might find the sheer number of options daunting, which could lead to pieces being lost or overlooked. There’s also a consideration for storage – with so many elements, keeping track could be a challenge. That said, the diversity and potential for creative play offer longevity to the set, and friends coming together to explore fashion twists could lead to enjoyable social interactions.

We find that the dolls’ dedicated play areas enhance the overall experience, providing structure and context to the runway theme. Yet, we remain neutral on how these spaces might fare with prolonged play; the sturdiness and durability of these areas are factors worth considering.

In summary, this set has definite appeal for those seeking an extensive play experience with plenty of room for creativity, though the play value may differ among individuals based on their preference for variety or simplicity.


The L.O.L. Surprise! Mega Runway set stands out as a cornucopia of creativity for kids. With 12 exclusive dolls, the mix-and-match potential skyrockets to over 1500 combinations, which is an impressive factor for those seeking variety and hours of engaging play. Our appreciation for the set’s value is evident, considering the plethora of accessories and fashion-forward dolls included.

We recognize the delight that four distinct play areas bring, providing a comprehensive backstage-to-runway experience. Children can explore various aspects of a fashion show, from makeup touch-ups to a final sashay down the runway, which enriches the playtime narrative. Additionally, the doll stands are a thoughtful inclusion, offering a dynamic way for dolls to pose and glide, enhancing the overall fashion showcase.

The multifaceted experience fosters imaginative social play, as young fashionistas can gather their friends and create dazzling displays of friendship and style. Notably, the playset’s versatility stretches beyond the play—the box transforms into an interactive setting, which cleverly maximizes the use of materials and space.

Lastly, the user feedback touches on the enthusiasm and joy upon receiving the set, which reaffirms its status as a delightfully immersive gift. While the sheer volume of accessories and dolls might be overwhelming at first glance, it’s this variety that has garnered a positive response for offering a rich and hands-on unboxing adventure.


While we appreciate the creativity behind the L.O.L. Surprise! Fashion Show Mega Runway, it’s important to consider a few drawbacks that surfaced through consumer feedback. Price is an aspect that caught the attention of several purchasers—some found the set to be on the costly side, particularly given its constituent materials.

Speaking of materials, several reviews point to a reliance on cardboard components, which can be less durable than desired. The thin cardboard may tear easily, which is something to keep in mind if longevity is a priority. Additionally, the set’s assembly and vast number of pieces can be overwhelming, with reports of the setup taking a significant amount of time, and a notable mention of the lack of instructions contributing to some confusion during assembly.

In summary, the Mega Runway set garners excitement but comes with a consideration of price and material durability, as well as potential assembly challenges.

Customer Reviews

When scoping out the L.O.L. Surprise! Mega Runway, we noticed a pattern of delight and minor concerns among customers. Parents and gift-givers are generally thrilled by their children’s reactions, with excitement often cited as running high upon opening this playset. That said, the runway’s cardboard material has been mentioned as less durable than some would prefer, an important consideration for an item with such active use.

One aspect that repeatedly stands out is the sheer volume of components, including 12 exclusive dolls and a plethora of mix-and-match options, which emphatically contributes to a sense of value. Despite the relative costliness mentioned by a few, the consensus leans towards satisfaction, particularly based on the number of dolls and accessories included.

And when it comes to the assembly process? Feedback revolves around the lack of clear instructions, a point of frustration for some. However, the final result—an interactive runway that fully engages children in play—seems to make up for the initial complexity.

In summary, the L.O.L. Surprise! Mega Runway delivers on its promise of excitement and variety, although attention to material quality and clearer instructions could enhance the overall experience.

Buying LOL Surprise Mega Runway

We find the L.O.L. Surprise! Mega Runway  to be a substantial set that encourages creativity with its vast mix-and-match possibilities. The excitement it generates, especially as a holiday gift, is palpable, offering long-lasting play for children. We appreciate the value presented, considering the volume of dolls and accessories included.

We acknowledge some concerns regarding the durability of the playset’s materials. The thin cardboard might not withstand the rigors of play as well as some parents expect. Also, the absence of instructions might be a hurdle, particularly when assembling the runway.

The price point might give pause; however, the enthusiasm that this playset elicits from children, coupled with the sheer amount of content, justifies the investment for many. Ultimately, our impression of the L.O.L. Surprise! Mega Runway playset is broadly positive, emphasizing its appeal as a diverse and engaging toy, despite the minor drawbacks regarding material quality and initial setup.

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