Feisty Pets

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Feisty Pets and young kids have a lot in common – they’re sweet, cuddly, fun, and have a serious mean streak. Feisty Pets look sweet when you first see them but give them a squeeze behind the ears and they bare their teeth and show their “feisty” side! There are TONS of different Feisty Pets, all with their own funny names and back story. Here are a few of our favorites:

Sammy Suckerpunch

Type: Dog

Likes: Chewing shoes, eating crayons, napping in the laundry

Dislikes: Bathtime, his tail, your mum

Feisty Pets

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Glenda Glitterpoop

Type: Unicorn

Likes: Zombies, mushrooms, electrical sockets

Dislikes: Balloon animals, world peace, lollipops


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Princess Pottymouth

Type: Cat

Likes: Prowling, pranking, sleeping in

Dislikes: Fairies, Valentine’s Day, people


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Vicky Vicious

Type: Bunny

Likes: Destroying gardens, rap music, chewing electrical cords

Dislikes: Cartoon characters, Easter, your toes


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Sparkles Rainbowbarf

Type: Pegasus

Likes: Toga parties, Greek food, Butterflies (they taste like chicken)

Dislikes: Ponies, heights, imaginary creatures


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Junkyard Jeff

Type: goat

Likes: Your lawn, arm wrestling, knock-knock jokes

Dislikes: Petting zoos, barbed wire, goat cheese


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Ferdinand Flamefart

Type: Dragon

Likes: Burning stuff, damsels in distress, roasting marshmallows

Dislikes: Firefighers, airplanes, knights


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If you want your chance at fame, follow this mom’s lead and film your kid’s reaction to their Feisty Pet’s darker side!



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