Magic Mixies Crystal Ball

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Well, they did it again! Last year’s runaway hit Magic Mixies are back again with the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball.

Let me tell you – I am super duper excited for this one! My twins loved their cauldrons and still use them for pretend play, and I can’t imagine their reaction when they get an actual crystal ball!

Magic Mixies Crystal Ball

What is Magic Mixies Crystal Ball – Sparkle Magic?

Moose Toys released the popular Magic Mixies last year and it was an instant hit. We have not doubt the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball will be another sell out winner. It’s high on our top hot Christmas toys list for 2022.

The all new crystal ball format brings Magic Mixies to an all new level with their new fortune telling “cutie” as my kids would call this plush pet.

Suitable for ages 5-15, the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball features an interactive light up wand with over 80 sounds, lights, and reactions to conjure up the mist within the crystal ball. Your little ones will cast their very own spell and chant “Magicus Mixus” and then wham! Your cutie will appear.

The fun doesn’t stop there. With your kid’s new pet, they must use the wand to train their Mixie, play games, perform spells, and have their fortune old!

Even better, the crystal ball can be used again and doubles as a night light.

Magic Mixies Crystal Ball

Recreate the magic over and over with the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball! With a simple reset, you can have your Magic Mixie be revealed multiple times. Even better, pick some toys from around the house and cast spells to make them appear in your crystal ball!

Refill kits are available for sale so you can recreate the entire magical process for friends and family.

What’s Included With Magic Mixies Crystal Ball?

  • Magic Mixie Crystal Ball Playset
  • Magic Mixie Plush Figure
  • Interactive Wand
  • 2 Instruction Books
  • Batteries

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Magic Mixies Crystal Ball

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