Bluey Advent Calendar 2022 – Hot Find!

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One of the hottest items selling out right now is the 2022 Bluey Advent Calendar. You need to catch this when it restocks – it’s perfect for the little Bluey fan in your life!

***UPDATE: See Our Newly Updated Pre-Order 2023 Bluey Advent Calendar Information Here***


Bluey Advent Calendar 2022 – Hot Find!

What is the Bluey Advent Calendar?

Bluey is a wildly popular animated series for preschoolers and young kids. This year the Bluey brand has released a holiday advent calendar featuring Bluey, his family, and a total of 24 pieces to open!

  • Join the Heeler family as they gather for their classic Aussie Christmas. Bluey’s Family Christmas Surprise Pack has 24 fun surprises hidden in 24 advent doors.
  • As to be expected, there is both a Bluey and Bingo toy figurine to find. Both Bluey and Bingo are dressed in they favorite Christmas jumpers!
  • In addition to Bluey and Bingo, there are 16 accessories and 6 stickers to reveal in the advent calendar
  • Behind a door, you’ll also discover a mini Christmas tree. Be sure to put all the presents around the tree to help the Heeler family celebrate Christmas!
  • Bluey’s Family Christmas Surprise Pack is such an exciting way to build up the excitement of Christmas Day throughout the month of December.

Bluey Advent Calendar

Where To Buy The Bluey Advent Calendar for 2022

As of press time, you can still grab the Bluey Advent Calendar on Amazon. As it gets later in the season, supplies may become limited and you may need to buy it from eBay.

The Bluey advent calendar has been going in and out of stock regularly, so be sure to snag it if you see it!

Where to Buy Bluey Advent Calendar 2022




Bluey Advent Calendar

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