Christmas Countdown – Two Weeks Until Christmas – Where to Find The Sold Out Toys

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Believe it or not, we are only 2 weeks away from Christmas! If you’re still hoping to get your hands on one of the hot toys of the season, now is the time to act. If you plan to buy online, do it this week to avoid hefty expedited shipping fees. Here are the best strategies for getting some of the hard-to-find toys of the season:


Christmas Countdown – Two Weeks Until Christmas – Where to Find The Sold Out Toys














Our favorite furry toys have been  notoriously challenging to find this holiday season. There have been a few reports of Hatchimals being delivered to Toys R’ Us, WalMart, and Target in small batches throughout the holiday season but it seems that very few have been successful in getting them.

If you’re determined to have one under the tree, you have a few options. The first is to get friendly with the workers at the local stores. They will have the inside scoop on when they might be delivered so you can be sure to get there right when they open. The second option is to check the major stores online daily. Make it part of your early morning routine. It is unlikely that they will restock but you may get lucky.

Finally, Ebay (as opposed to Craigslist or Facebook) is probably your best bet if you’re willing to pay the marked up $150 pricetag. If you do go the Ebay route, be sure to check the feedback of the seller and read the listing carefully. There have been a few (though not many) reports of sellers posting pictures of Hatchimals but listing different products in the text (for example, the rug the Hatchimal box is sitting on), so be sure to use common sense when buying. If the price is too good to be true, that is your first indicator something isn’t right!

Hatchimals For Sale on eBay

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Cozmo Robot


Cozmo the Robot is the AI robot we recently wrote about here on the blog. Cozmo’s list price is $179 and you can typically get the robot through major retailers or the creator, Anki. However, the surprise sales of Cozmo took Anki by surprise and it doesn’t look like they will have more in stock before Christmas. You can sign up for availability notifications on their site here. In the meantime, Ebay is your best bet for getting Cozmo before Christmas.

Cozmo Robot For Sale on eBay

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Playstation VR Headset


Up until last week, Playstation VR Headsets had been readily available at the major retailers and electronics shops like Best Buy. The Playstation VR retails for $399 but since it has sold out has been going for over $600 through third parties on Amazon and Ebay. While Ebay is certainly a good source for the VR, I would recommend shopping Amazon first because their filtering capabilities on the product itself help to ensure you’re buying exactly what you want.

PJ Masks Headquarters


The PJ Masks Headquarters has been a highly unexpected breakout hit from the relatively unknown kids show this year. The PJ Masks Headquarters and other toys offered by the brand have been sold out for weeks now, but the good news is that the resale prices haven’t been outrageous. Like the other products mentioned, the best places to get these right now before Christmas is on eBay or Amazon.

PJ Masks Headquarters For Sale on eBay

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