Cozmo Robot

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Cozmo Robot

Cozmo is the newly released robot with a mind of its own! Cozmo is different from other kinds of robots because it learns and evolves in a unique way based on it’s experiences. Cozmo loves to play and learn and even comes with an app to help track its learning progress.

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Cozmo Interactive App

The app is an integral part of playing and learning with Cozmo. Here are some of the features and functions of the Cozmo app:

  • Receive daily goals that will help manage Cozmo’s progression
  • Track Cozmo’s core skills, known as “core upgrades”, such as the ability to pick up and stack cubes, and pop a wheelie
  • Cozmo will proactively message you on the app when it wants to play a game
  • Using the Explore camera mode, see the world as Cozmo sees it
  • Play favorite games such as memory and KeepAway

There are some great YouTube videos out there showing Cozmo in action:

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