Top 5 Disney Moana Holiday Gifts for Kids

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The post-Thanksgiving weekend isn’t just about Black Friday shopping for parents and kids. This weekend was the release of the new, soon-to-be classic Disney movie Moana. Moana has been hailed by kids and critics alike and is ranking just below Frozen as the best weekend release for a Disney movie ever. Here is a roundup of 5 of the best Moana presents for little fans this Christmas season.

1. Disney Singing Moana and Friend Doll Set

Top 5 Disney Moana Holiday Gifts for Kids

Moana and her loyal friends Pua and Heihei are singing their way into your children’s hears with this singing Moana set. When you push Moana’s shell necklace she says phrases from the movie and sings the favorite tune “How Far I’ll Go” while her necklace lights up!

2. Disney Moana Swing ‘n Sounds Maui


Maui the demigod is a favorite from Moana and this interactive Maui figurine will be a hit. Swing his fishhook or twist his body and Maui will recount 10 different Polynesian tales and phrases from the movie.

3. Disney Moana Starlight Canoe and Friends


Moana of Oceania sets sail to save her friends in this starlight canoe. The set has a working starlight projector that sets Moana’s path in the night. Moana is joined by her friends Pua and Heihei and the realistic boat features real gentle rocking action to mimic the feeling of the waves.

4. Moana Read-Along Storybook & CD


Join the adventures of Moana, Maui, Pua and Heihei with thist read-along storybook and CD. The CD includes real character voices and sound effects from the movie and will bring the movie back to life!

5. Moana Stuffed Pua Pig















Pua the pig was a favorite from the Disney movie Moana. Your little one will love a stuffed Pua to cuddle with at night!

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