Top 7 Christmas Gifts for Vampirina Fans

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Top 7 Christmas Gifts for Vampirina Fans

For those that haven’t heard yet, Vampirina is the new hit Disney Junior show about a young vampire ballerina who has recently moved from Transylvania to Pennsylvania. The show is a huge hit with young girls especially. Here are 7 must-haves for this holiday season:


1. Vampirina Scare B&B

vampirina-scare-bnbThis is really THE must-have Vampirina holiday present. The Scare B&B is a three story dollhouse full of scary, spooky fun. It includes Vampirina and Poppy figures, a haunted kitchen with floating food and a watch tower that moves up and down! There are tons of hidden surprises like a coffin shaped bookcase that turns into a guest bed and 6 Ghoul Glow locations where Vampirina will glow in the dark! This toy is sure to be a huge hit this season, so make sure to get yours early!

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2. Vampirina Bat-tastic Talking Vampirina and Wolfie Toy


Bring Vampirina and her best pal Wolfie to life with this great, talking Bat-tastic doll! Vampirina’s wings light up and expand and the doll has over 25 phrases and sounds. Hear sound affects as she swoops, loops, and flies around!

Vampirina Bat-tastic For Sale on eBay

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3. Vampirina Fangtastic Friends Set


The Fangtastic Friends set includes 10 fun characters from the show and each of the figurines has either poseable arms or glitter accents. Standing at 3.5″ tall, the figurines will fit in the Vampirina Scare B&B as well as lots of other play houses.

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4. Vampirina Glowtastic Friends Set


The Vampirina Glowtastic Friends Set uses Ghoul Glow magic to light up Vampirina and Gregoria when they are placed on the spooky light and sound chamber. The chamber lights up and makes noises and works with multiple Vampirina figurines!

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5. Vampirina Plush Doll


The Vampirina Plush doll is a must-have for any little fan of the show. Standing at 10″ tall, this doll is the perfect size to be well loved by any fan!

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6. Vampirina Dress


Now your little one can be Vampirina every day with the Vampirina Dress Up costume! The costume includes a dress and wings and headband just like Vampirina wears on the show.

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7. Vampirina Hauntley’s Mobilevampirina-hauntley

Hauntley’s Mobile vehicle is part car, part drive in movie theater! The car features light up headlights and sounds and the bat button transforms the vehicle into a movie theater. The set includes a Vampirina figurine, popcorn, and a table.

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