LOL Surprise! Big Surprise

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LOL Surprise! Big Surprise

The LOL! Surprise! Big Surprise balls are FLYING off the shelves. It’s no surprise that kids love them – they’re a limited edition release and each one contains 50 different surprises that are lots of fun to open. The actual ball becomes a purse and many of the surprises are contained in fizz balls that fizz in water to reveal doll accessories and other fun surprises like tattoos.

They are selling out quickly so  be on the lookout in your local box stores when you’re shopping. If you can’t find them there, Ebay and Amazon are great options for picking one up.

LOL Surprise! Big Surprise For Sale on eBay

Buy Lol Surprise Big Surprise on eBay

To get a better sense of what is in the LOL Surprise! Big Surprise balls, check out this unboxing video:

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