Lego Disney Castle

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Lego Disney Castle


This year, Lego has released a beautiful limited edition Disney castle that, despite a hefty price tag, has already sold out. The intricate castle (Lego model number 71040) has over 4,000 pieces including figurines for the whole Disney gang – Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Tinker Bell.


The limited edition set includes a stone bridge, spired towers, balconies, a clock, and a wide arched entrance. The facade is an ornate gray stone with golden towers reaching high up into the sky. Outside the castle you’ll find kissing frogs and if the glass roof is removed, you’ll find the missing glass slipper!

On the first floor of the castle you’ll see a main hall with a hanging chandelier, decorated suits of armor, a grandfather clock, tall vase with buildable flower elements and a magic carpet. As you continue throughout the castle you will also have a bedroom with a golden headboard, a magic room complete with a book of spells and magic broom, a fully stocked kitchen and a Cinderella themed room complete with a poison apple and golden mirror, to name just a few of the castle’s many detailed rooms.

Estimated build time is between 2 and 5 days, so your family will be busy with this one. Lego has already sold out so this set is only available from third party sellers.

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