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In true Silicon Valley, social media fashion, Snapchat has quietly released one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season in very very limited supplies. Snapchat Spectacles are wearable glasses that let you create Snapchat videos and pictures from your unique point of view.

To use the glasses, press the button on the side to create a 10 second Snap. The glasses sync wirelessly to your Snapchat account and charge in their case, so using the Spectacles and keeping them charged is a breeze. They come in a variety of funky colors and in men’s and women’s styles and are sure to be an attention grabber.

The Snapchat Spectacles, which retail for $130, were first released in a vending machine in Venice Beach, Los Angeles and then cropped up again at a pop-up store near Big Sur in Northern California. Right now, those are the only two locations where they are currently available, so expect to wait.

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