Speak Out Game

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Sometimes, a best selling product is a bit of a head scratcher. You wonder to yourself, why?, but then you move along with your purchases and soon forget what made you feel so perplexed in the first place.

Speak Out Game

Other times, a best selling product is so downright terrifying and you really wonder about the creators of the game. Why, why, why??, you think to yourself. Who would come up with this and why am I buying it? It stays with you, haunting your thoughts.

Such is the case with Speak Out, this year’s follow-up to the Pie Face game.

Speak Out brings to life all of your anxieties, fears, and germophobic thoughts  in a family friendly game night setting. Speak Out includes 5 mouthpieces, a timer, 200 double sided cards, and instructions. Players place the mouthpieces in their mouths and attempt to pronounce the words on the cards while their friends and family recoil in terror try to guess what they’re saying.

Somehow, against all odds, Speak Out has been flying off the shelves this holiday season, so get yours soon. We really did have a great time last year with Pie Face, so who knows?

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